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The Rudolf Steiner Archive

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GA 127

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. The Various Epochs of Human Development and Their Mission Not Yet Available 5 Jan 1911 Mannheim
2. Consequential Moral Qualities from the Working of Karma Not Yet Available 7 Jan 1911 Wiesbaden
3. The Inner Foundation of the Soul Life of Man Not Yet Available 8 Jan 1911 Frankfurt
5. Wisdom, Piety and Prudence Not Yet Available 23 Feb 1911 Basel
7. The Influence of Theosophy in Life Not Yet Available 26 Feb 1911 Stockholm
10. Aphorisms on the Relationship Between Theosophy and Philosophy Not Yet Available 28 Mar 1911 Prague
13. Faith, Love, Hope Not Yet Available 14 Jun 1911 Vienna
17. Founding of a Branch Not Yet Available 30 Nov 1911 Heidenheim
12. Appendix The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity 5 Jun 1911 Copenhagen
15. Christmas: A Festival of Inspiration Festivals of the Seasons 21 Dec 1911 Berlin
8. Mendelssohn: Overture of the Hebrides 3 Mar 1911 Berlin
14. Symbolism and Phantasy in Relation to the Mystery Drama, The Soul's Probation Three Lectures on the Mystery Dramas 19 Dec 1911 Berlin
16. The Birth of the Sun Spirit as the Spirit of the Earth. The Thirteen Holy Nights The Festivals and Their Meaning I: Christmas 26 Dec 1911 Hanover
11. The Concepts of Original Sin and Grace 3 May 1911 Munich
9. The Significance of Spiritual Research For Moral Action 6 Mar 1911 Bielefeld
4. The Son of God and the Son of Man 11 Feb 1911 Munich
6. The Work of the Ego in Childhood 25 Feb 1911 Zürich