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Cosmology, Religion and Philosophy
GA 25

Each chapter of this book was originally a part of a series of ten lectures given at the Goetheanum in September of 1922, known as the “French Course.” These lectures were revised by Steiner for printed form and were published as a book. As lectures, they are in GA 215.

Cosmology, Religion and Philosophy (1943)

A series of lectures commencing with the opening of the “French course” at the Goetheanum Dornach, September 1922, published by Frau Dr. Steiner in one volume. It focuses on exercises to attain higher spiritual development. Steiner gives a description of philosophy based on Imagination, cosmology based on Inspiration, and religion based on Intuition. This is followed by a rich account of the stages of sleep and the period between death and rebirth, especially the role of Christ after death as revealed to spiritual cognition.

Philosophie - Kosmologie - Religion

Vom 6. bis 15. September 1922 sprach Rudolf Steiner im sog. «Französischen Kurs» (Semaine franeaise) im Goetheanumbau über «Philosophie, Kosmologie und Religion in der Anthroposophie». Die Auto-Referate Steiners zu diesen Vorträgen erschienen als Beilage der Wochenschrift «Das Goetheanum« zu den Nrn. 6-16, 1922.

Marie Steiner machte diese Referate unter dem Titel «Kosmologie, Religion und Philosophie» 1930 erneut zugänglich als vierte Publikation in der Reihe «Meditationsvorgänge als geisteswissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse, geschildert von Rudolf Steiner».